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Prayer Partners


Prayer Partners unites Prayer Leaders who initiate and develop prayer together in

a way we can’t do alone.

We meet once a year for our annual prayer retreat, in which we worship, pray and seek His

Face and connect with each other. We are blessed with daily weekly, monthly and annual

prayer events led by various people, churches and organizations in the St. Louis metro area.

For a daily prayer events calendar, please visit One City Won.

Or check out some of our Prayer Initiatives:

Daily or Weekly:

Ferguson Prayer Furnace

Gateway House of Prayer

Prayer for our (Mayor) Leaders 

‘Walk the Lou’ Prayer Walk Fairgrounds Park 

St. Louis City Hall  with Speak To The City

Perpetual Prayer Virgil – A 24/7 prayer for our city

Monthly or Quarterly:

Our Battle

Scholar Ministries

Speak to the City


National Day of Prayer

Pray for the Lou

10 Days of Prayer

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