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Networking the Networkers

Network the Networkers unites Leaders of networks to impact the city together in a way we can’t do alone. The group is developing the following two initiatives:


Spiritual Emergency Response Network (SERN) 


What if the Church would be the first to respond to the Victims of Violence?


SERN is a collaboration of people from area churches who serve families that

have lost a loved one due to violence. 


WHY do we do this?


In an already polarized city, families affected by the ongoing violence may have

assumed "no one cares about what happens in their neighborhood"


A Joint Response by believers of different backgrounds will 

  • Display the love of God; 

  • Open opportunities for the Gospel to be demonstrated 

  • Unite a Polarized City in caring for each other

  • Foster partnership among the regional church to act in a simple, effective, relatable, and duplicatable fashion


HOW will this be accomplished?


A team of People from various churches will provide:

  • Active presence at Prayer Service, Memorial, Wake, or Funeral   

  • Communication to victims’ family via Social Media/cards by Mail/Call/Text 

  • Donation of needed resource to help with funeral costs and/or other needs related to the tragedy (could be money or other necessity)

  • Follow Up Communication (Post Funeral) via Mail/Social Media/Call/Text

  • Prayer - prayers on site of the violence and/or with individuals during or after the funeral

WHERE do I fit in –  How can you get involved?

SERN is currently in its pilot phase, responding in a limited fashion through an already established dedicated team of volunteers. Fill out the contact form here to get involved if and when we expand beyond its current phase.

Front Row Seat

We seek to unite, inform, inspire and engage believers in the St. Louis Metro Area through a

tour that gives them a front row seat experience of what God is doing in our city.

Why do we do this?

In our metro area, the left hand often doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. We seek to

address this lack of understanding by exposing the participants of a front row seat tour to hosts

of various ministry sites to hear and interact with their story.

The impact for each participant: A renewed vision of how you and your church can bless St.

Louis, as the tour is designed to help you:

• Know your city by seeing places you’ve never seen.

• Know each other by meeting people you’ve never met.

• Know yourself by thinking in a way you’ve never thought.

The impact for each ministry site host: Benefit from being more connected to the larger Body

of Christ, as the tour will help you tell Your story:

• What do you do?

• Why do you do what you do?

• If you could say anything to the church about her role in STL, what would it be?

• How can we help you?

WHERE do I fit in – How can you get involved?

Fill out the contact form below to stay informed about the Front Row Seat tour.

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